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1 x Stomp Pit Bike Stator plate with 1 Coil


How do I diagnose my stator?

If you have lost your spark in most cases the stator will be the cause. To test your current stator you need a moving coil multimeter. The gen coil (black shrink wrap) should deliver 6v transient when you kick over the engine. The pick up coil (black cube plastic) should deliver 3v transient when you kick over the engine. Either of these coils may have failed. Fits: Stomp FXJ Stomp Juicebox 3 50cc/110cc (not JB1 & 2) Superstomp 110 – all models Supertomp 120/125 – all models Stomp 140 – all models Demon X 110/120/140 WPB Boyo/120/140


Please note, if fitting to YX140 you may need to remove the charge coil which is not needed (copper colour). Simply undo the screws & snip the wires.


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Weight 0.36 kg
Dimensions 130 × 130 × 70 mm





Electronics & Controls


Stator Plates



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To Fit Make

Demon X/TTR, Stomp, Thumpstar, Welsh Pit Bike

To Fit Model

Demon X – 110, Demon X – 120 DXR, Demon X/TTR – 140, Dirty B (140), Dirty C (110), FXJ 110, GP1, Juicebox 110, KZ, Phatboi, SS120, SS120r, Stomp KZR 160cc, Stomp Z3 140R, Thumpstar 125, Thumpstar 140, WPB 110, WPB 110 Boyo (OLD), WPB 125, WPB 140, WPB 140 T2WIN, Z2, Z3 140