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Quality is what matters most

Continuously changing the game in the pit bike market, the leading retailer for genuine Stomp, Demon X & Thumpstar products.

We have been in business for over 40 years – the origins of our business was importing motorcycles & motorcycle parts from Japan to cater for the growing demand of the road racing community. Within recent years, we have quickly scaled our operation to the point of becoming the sole distributor of Stomp, Demon X & Thumpstar bikes alongside parts in both Northern Ireland & Ireland.

In 2007, we became Stomp Pitbikes first customer in Ireland – after promoting the bikes & meeting with an unexpected demand, we quickly realised the potential within the products we just brought in.

After developing our business for a few years, in 2010 we became the sole distributor of both Stomp pitbikes & pitbike parts for all of Ireland.

As of June 2017, we have adopted the parts contract for all of Europe whilst maintaining our distributor agreement for bikes in Ireland.

We’re excited to do business with you very soon – in the meantime, if you’ve got any questions or queries in regards to our products or services, please contact us on