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1 x 39T Rear Sprocket 420 pitch with 4 x bolts and Anti-rotation


Tabs Steel standard hard wearing sprocket in black suitable for all Stomp pit bikes.Comes with 4 x M8 bolts2 x anti rotation tabs.CENTRE HOLE IS 76mmDiagonal Hole to hole center 92mmSPROCKET IS 6mm THICK.PLEASE NOTE THESE SPROCKETS WILL ONLY FIT SDG TYPE WHEELS SUCH AS THOSE FITTED TO.- All Stomp Bikes- Demon x- WPBThere are 2 main chain pitches that are common on pit bikes, and on most bikes it won’t tell you on the chain which size it is. It is easy to find out what your bike is running with a little time in the workshop.Simply follow these steps:1. Chain pitch. Measure a front or rear sprocket thickness. 6mm = 420. 7mm =428.2. Teeth. More teeth on the front will give greater top speed and more mph in each gear but may reduce acceleration. More teeth on the rear will reduce top speed but will give faster acceleration. Before ordering a bigger sprocket check you have enough chain length


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Weight 0.595 kg
Dimensions 220 × 150 × 15 mm

Stomp Pit Bikes




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Demon X/TTR, Stomp, Welsh Pit Bike

To Fit Model

Demon X – 110, Demon X – 120 DXR, Demon X/TTR – 140, Demon X/TTR – 170, Dirty B (140), Dirty C (110), Dirty S (170), FXJ 110, GP1, Juicebox 110, Juicebox 90, KZ, SS120, Stomp 160 (155), Stomp KZR 160cc, Stomp Z3 140R, WPB 110, WPB 110 Boyo (OLD), WPB 140 T2WIN, WPB 170 T2WIN, Z2, Z3 140